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via Occasional Superheroine

via Occasional Superheroine

Wonder Woman is a favored topic of mine because she is this icon of pop culture and yet her comic book is often maybe always one of the lowest selling books in the industry. I am inspired to rant after coming across this post on Occasional Superheroine where this blogger tries to wrap her head around why Wonder Woman does not fly off the shelves.

Essentially there are a lot of problems but most of it stems from Wonder Woman having the worst enemies ever. I mean who is her nemisis? The fucking Cheetah? Wonder Woman can go toe-to-toe with Superman and the best she gets is the Cheetah? Is she a Lex Luthor or a Joker level of douchebag? No? She’s a furry? Wow. Ok…

More to the point what is Wonder Woman’s backstory? Ask the average person and they can tell you a suprising amount regarding Superman and Batman (especially after The Dark Knight) because they have memorable origins. Even if you do know that she is a clay princess from hot, acnient Greek, warrior woman island, how in the hell does it make any sense that she is some ambassador/superhero.

It makes no sense and sure as hell does not stick as a digestable origin.

One could ignore that and just have her be a mystery, so let’s talks stories. What does she do all day? Who does she fight? What major life-changing event has transformed her character.

The answer to all these questions is “nothing.”

No good villians, no good back story and no life.

Wonder Woman indeed.

Fear not because the badass Amazon, Greek origins and mythos were alive and thriving in a little show called, Xena: Warrior Princess. It was the tale of a brunette, Amazon princess and her spunky blond sidekick traveling the world fighting Greek gods and monsters… How hard is this people? The show ran for SIX fucking seasons!

Wonder Woman should fight Greek myths and flirt with her sexuality. I mean it writes itself. She grew up on an island of chicks, man! I mean, God of War sold a shitload of game. Why is this so hard?

So there you have it. I just blogged a great idea. Hopefully, this is not the first time that you’ve heard it, but if it is and this ends up being the new direction of the book then it is sad that the idea had to be stolen from a blogger who wants to write comics.

Gays love Wonder Woman. LOVE. HER. Who’s your fanbase?


The one thing that I have not alluded to has been in my posts is that I fully expected to get rejected, for a number of reasons. The most reliable being that I am an “unknown” writer. Do not take the quotes as sarcasim as much as my interpretation of what unknown means. The majority of writers are unknown outside of their fans or unless they are the upper echelon of scribes.

Either way, not my favorite excuse in comics when the credits of even mainstream publications showcase a gaggle of writers whom the general reader is not aware of. Writers are often the unsung heroes in comics until you reach rock star status and you are often told that he path to that is through “getting published elsewhere.” Which is fine and understandable, if you ignore the previous points.

Anyway, I am not discourage as the other factor was the impending doom of the economy, so taking on a new project is a gamble. Still it sucks to know that under other circumstance, it is good enough.

Holy shit!

Emily the Strange is the icon of goth comic nerds worldwide…

and she might be a total rip off.

According to You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice But We Did, little old Em is the much prettier cousin of Rosamond. Apparently when she was visiting cousin Rosie, she found her really weird and repling to boys. With the onset of puberty and her good looks she reckoned it best to ape this persona when she got home so that no one at school would notice her developing rack.

The things is, many children read Nate the Great, so I am surprised this did not surface sooner. Mostly because it is so BLATANT. Emily creator, Rob Reger, has responded with the spin and if he is not being sued yet I guess all is cool, but… this is fuc-king bla-tant. Get all the PR people you want to “explain” but the Rosamond page proceeds the existance of Emily, ergo – rip off.

Hey, whateves, Reger caught it a while back and stopped using the similar imagery, but his response is as though it was not copied and I mean damn, it is the same text too.

I only point this out because as a writer, your greatest fear is that your ideas will be stolen and someone gets rich from them. It may sound paranoid, but it is a real issue.

I recently read an article on the cancellation of Blue Beetle and the writer seemed very keen on moving on to webcomics. It was the first time I had heard of a writer that had already broken into a top publisher saying that maybe it was time to move on.

Years ago, I think the thing to do would have been to take whatever following you garnered and go to Image Comics. Now, you don’t really need a publisher to get started in the comic biz. While it could take years to build a reputation and following, if you’ve already gotten some public attention, you have more of a foundation to build on.

Yet, I think creators still see the prestige of working in print, on periodicals, and most important, with an iconic character.

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