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Holy shit!

Emily the Strange is the icon of goth comic nerds worldwide…

and she might be a total rip off.

According to You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice But We Did, little old Em is the much prettier cousin of Rosamond. Apparently when she was visiting cousin Rosie, she found her really weird and repling to boys. With the onset of puberty and her good looks she reckoned it best to ape this persona when she got home so that no one at school would notice her developing rack.

The things is, many children read Nate the Great, so I am surprised this did not surface sooner. Mostly because it is so BLATANT. Emily creator, Rob Reger, has responded with the spin and if he is not being sued yet I guess all is cool, but… this is fuc-king bla-tant. Get all the PR people you want to “explain” but the Rosamond page proceeds the existance of Emily, ergo – rip off.

Hey, whateves, Reger caught it a while back and stopped using the similar imagery, but his response is as though it was not copied and I mean damn, it is the same text too.

I only point this out because as a writer, your greatest fear is that your ideas will be stolen and someone gets rich from them. It may sound paranoid, but it is a real issue.


There is not often a lot of gossip in comics from what I have read, but when the tidbits appear it is hard not to succumb to guilty pleasures.

A familiar source known collectively as “New York comics industry employees talking in bars” tells me that the last issue of “Final Crisis” is further delayed as it is suffering from serious rewrites. It appears that DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio was unhappy with the way the story concluded and the implications for the DC Universe for a while and had ordered changes from a, naturally, rather unhappy Grant Morrison. Considering this is the way he wrote the pitch for the book.

As a result, creative teams working on a number of spinoff and affected books have also had to stop work while the “Final Crisis” ending is reworked.

Expect more lateness, more annoyance and less likelihood of Grant Morrison doing DCU work in the near future.

Lying in the Gutters

Well, I just hope that it is better than Countdown was and Teen Titans has been, the former just being way too ambitious and the latter being, well… just no fun.

Still there is awesomeness like the Green Lantern going on so who knows, I’m in for the ride.

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