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Locating an unbesmirched toilet in a public bathroom is less challenging than unicorn hunting.


I recently read an article on the cancellation of Blue Beetle and the writer seemed very keen on moving on to webcomics. It was the first time I had heard of a writer that had already broken into a top publisher saying that maybe it was time to move on.

Years ago, I think the thing to do would have been to take whatever following you garnered and go to Image Comics. Now, you don’t really need a publisher to get started in the comic biz. While it could take years to build a reputation and following, if you’ve already gotten some public attention, you have more of a foundation to build on.

Yet, I think creators still see the prestige of working in print, on periodicals, and most important, with an iconic character.

Blogs are played out but I don’t know enough HTML to build a site, so the 2 minutes I spent getting a account seem wll spent.

I want to write comics professionally, i.e. eat off ’em, so I figured I could use some Web prescene to help with that since I have never does so before, but I love comics and think writing them would be dope, so…

Anyway, this is my site. My name is Id Ego, short for Idder Egonwanne. Obviously my parents are African FOBs and wanted to keep it traditional.

And yes, people mistake my name for Ed and not I don’t let that slide. I like to write and then it is one of the more ego driven activites human beings practice – I think you are starting to understand my choice of pen name.

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