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Has the radio inudated you enough with I Kissed a Girl, by Katy Perry? No? Loser. What’s it like under that rock.

Well, let me save you the trouble. Song is catchy, like herpes. Still, there is no actual girl-on-girl in the entire video and Perry is totally a crossed over Christian musician pandering to man-parts for a hit.

However, at the VMAs she was totally humble about still being a broke-ass, fledgling and having to make her own clothes.

So while my balls (and taste in music) say, “boo” Katy gets a “yay” for possibly being an actual person.

We await your drug-induced fall and subsequent rise, Ms. Perry.


I don’t like this band. Aside from a thinnly-veiled name change from Cameo, they also stole that band’s “thing.” It’s the same music.

They didn’t even try to be all post-homage like Justice to Daft Punk.

So Chromeo, you get a “boo.” enjoy it until I take back.

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